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Source: LICADHO : Land Evictions in Cambodia

Written By vibykhmer on Friday, September 11, 2009 | 3:11 AM

Group 78 Eviction

July 17, 2009 - The small community know as Group 78 located in the riverside area of Phnom Penh have live on their land since 1983. Over the years, Group 78 families were served with a number of eviction notices by local authorities while witnessing two violent forced eviction that took place in the same area, namely Dey Krahorm and Sambok Chap. The 3-years-long coercion campaign of Group 78 residents to leave their homes and land, culminating in this morning's final eviction of the area.

At 4 am this morning [July 17, 2009], dozens of armed police took up positions around Group 78 in order to enforce a municipal order that they dismantle their homes or be forcibly removed. This followed 53 families yesterday "agreeing" to the authorities' demand that they accept an offer of $8,000 compensation or their homes would be forcibly destroyed. Negotiations this morning with the remaining 7 families who had not "agreed" led to a final offer to them of up to $20,000 in compensation which they all accepted, except for one family whose home was destroyed against their will.

As the sun rose on Friday July 17, 2009, dawn bore witness to the heart wrenching sight of the homes of the Group 78 community being dismantled piece by piece.


Imminent Eviction in the Heart of Phnom Penh

July 16, 2009 - The small community know as Group 78 located in the riverside area of Phnom Penh have lived on their land since 1983. Over the past 3 years they have seen their neighbouring communities vanish in the face of forced and violent evictions. In May 2006 over 1300 families from the neighbouring Sambok Chap village and in January 2009 over 400 families in the neighbouring Dey Krahorm village. Group 78 was told to move by Friday July 17, 2009 and they fear the worst will come with the authorities threatening to bring 200 police to evict them. However for now the villagers are staying to ensure they are fairly compensated for the prime land they own.


Forced Eviction Coming at Borei Keila

April 30, 2009 - Over 30 families living with HIV/AIDS in the "green shed" at the Borei Keila social land concession are facing the prospect of eviction. The families living in the temporary "green shed" have been waiting for new apartments to be allocated to them for the past 2 years, but they are now faced with the prospect of being evicted to the Toul Sambo relocation site 20km outside of Phnom Penh. At Toul Sambo there is inadeuqate housing, no clean water and is far from any markets, schools, employment opportunities and most importantly medical facilities.

Learn more about Borei Keila from our partner WITNESS.


Shooting in Chi Kreng, Siem Reap

March 30, 2009 - A land dispute in Chi Kreng district of Siem Reap province, turned ugly when four villagers were wounded when members of a joint force - including police, military police, border police and soldiers - opened fire on a crowd of farmers in Anlong Samnor commune on Sunday, March 22.


Land Crisis in Cambodia: Kratie Province

February 19, 2009 - 750 ethnic minority families in Kratie Province, Cambodia are embroiled in a land dispute over farming land, that the provincial authorities say they have leased to a private company for a rubber plantation. In October 2008 the bulldozers came into clear the land and the villagers were there to stop them. (Music courtesy of the Messengers Band)


Violent Eviction at Dey Krahorm

January 27, 2009 - This video is a compilation of footage captured by human rights monitors on January 24, 2009 during the violent eviction at Dey Krahorm. Video footage courtesy of Platapus, LICADHO, LICADHO Canada, Bridges Across Borders, and Karl Bille.

Boeung Kak Lake: $79 million for who?

December 11, 2008 - In February 2007 the Municipality of Phnom Penh entered into a 99-year lease agreement for US$79 million for 133 hectares, including Boeung Kok lake and surrounding land, with a private developer, Shukaku Inc, owned by a ruling party senator. According to the government, the company will turn the area into "pleasant, trade, and service places for domestic and international tourists," including by filling in 90% of the lake.

On 26 August 2008 a company began filling the lake, which has worsened flooding and caused the destruction of some houses. The development will lead to the eviction of almost 4,000 families, despite many of the affected families having strong legal claims to the land under the Land Law.


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