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Director Sam B. Lorn takes viewers on a gritty journey through 'The LBC'

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Ed Moy

"The LBC" might best be described as "an epic for it's size and budget."

Produced by Forlorn Films and directed by Cambodian-American filmmaker Sam B. Lorn, the movie offers viewers a look inside the gritty dark side of Long Beach, California (aka "The LBC").

Born and raised in Cambodia, Lorn survived the "Killing Fields" and emigrated to America where he settled in Long Beach, California with his surviving relatives.

In 1991, Lorn moved to New York City to pursue a filmmaking career. He studied acting at HB Studios and graduated from the world-renowned New York Film Academy.

He learned about all aspects of the film and distribution industry by working at Assembly Films, Screen Gems, The American Museum of Natural History, Shelter Films and several other independent production companies.

Over the years, he has worked with the best in the film industry, including such directors as Robert Deniro, Woody Allen, Steven Spielberg, Alan Rudolph, Rick Famuyiwa, Alfred Cheung, Bruce Law, and Derek Wan. He has also worked with actors such as Christopher Walken, Leonardo DiCaprio, Nicholas Cage, Matt Damon and Tom Hanks.

As a director, writer, producer and actor, Lorn's feature film credits include: "Little Patriot," "Moving Target," "Young Survivor," "Manhattan Midnight" and "Lovesick."

"Lovesick," was realized with backing from Angelina Jolie. The compelling film tells "a modern-day Romeo and Juliet-type-story with a Khmer-American twist. A young Khmer-American woman is forced into an arranged marriage when she falls in love with another man. She is faced with the dilemma of honoring her family and respecting tradition or following her heart."

Completed in 2004, "Lovesick" was self-released on DVD domestically.

Recently, Lorn took time to answer a few questions about his new film "The LBC" for Examiner.com.

What inspired you to make LBC?

After living in long Beach for two years and seeing Cambodian people going through hardships, it reminded me of Cambodia.

As an independent filmmaker what challenges did you face getting this movie made?

Three things:
1. This subject matter, no one would help me with finance, so I have to do it with a small business man, Randy Hor.

2. Other filmmaker did not understand my vision, so I have to work extra hard to tell a story that people can relate to.

3. Working with shoestring budget, I had to cut pre-productions and rehearsal and had to limit production to only 12 days of shooting. I was very fortunate that my cast and crew, they were able to pull it together.

Tell us about the themes of the movie... what is it about?

THEME: Carpe Diem, Karma. LOG LINE: One man endeavors to avenge his mother’s death while being thwarted by a local drug kingpin. SYNOPSIS: Long Beach, California can change from a beautiful place to a deadly one on the turn of a dime. A gangster wannabe (Ivan Djurovic) slips deeper into the criminal underbelly seeking to avenge his mother’s death. He finds common ground with a man (Sam Lorn) searching for his brother’s murderer. When they are confronted by a ruthless drug kingpin (Larry Parrish), anarchy and betrayal reign supreme leading to a climatic bloody showdown on the streets known as “The LBC”.

How long did it take from start to finish on production?

Two years.

When can moviegoers see the film on dvd?

October 2009

What's your next project?

Lovesick 2 with Jim Leung as Vinny, hoping to shoot this Christmas.

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