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Clash of Pm: Hun Xen’s cronies

Written By vibykhmer on Friday, September 4, 2009 | 6:15 PM

Kong Triv (Photo: KT Pacific Group)
Clash of Pm: Hun Xen’s cronies: Suy Sophan (aka Yeay Phan) vs CPP Tycoon-Senator Sy Kong Triv
Friday, September 04, 2009
DAP news
Translated from Khmer by Heng Soy

In the morning of Thursday, Mrs. Oknha (honorific title bought for $100,000 by rich tycoons) Suy Sophan (aka Yeay Phan, one of Hun Xen’s cronies and owner of the questionable Phanimex company) showed up at the Phnom Penh municipal court to protest the court order to prevent the sale, the pawning, the changing of title ownership, or the gifting of a piece of real estate property registered as PP 11379 (Kh20244), dated 03 September 2008, as well as 4 row-houses located in the Borei Keila block, 07 Makara commune. In the past, the land and the row-houses were sold to Oknha Sy Kong Triv (aka CPP Tycoon-Senator Kong Triv, another one of Hun Xen’s cronies), and the latter brought up a lawsuit in this case because the previous owner (Yeay Phan) plans to sell the land and the houses to somebody else [again], that was why Kong Triv sued to prevent the sale.

A source indicated that Chey Sovann, the investigating judge of the Phnom Penh municipal court, issued an injunction on 29 July 2009 against Yeay Phan, preventing her from selling the land and houses described above. It was because of this injunction that in the morning of Thursday, Yeay Phan came to court to protest the court decision. However, a source revealed that the court may not accept her protest because the land and the houses were sold to Kong Triv since 5 December 2007, and the sales paper are in order, and the payment for the purchase has almost been completed already.

A source indicated that on 05 December 2007, Kong Triv bought the land and houses above from Yeay Phan for $4.9 million, and he paid the purchases through a revolving credit term. The source added that, after the purchase, Kong Triv almost paid off all the amount owned to Yeay Phan, save for an amount of about $100,000 only.

The source indicated that when Kong Triv heard that Yeay Phan planned to sell the land and the houses to someone else, he decided to ask for a court injunction. This injunction indicated that Yeay Phan who now lives on 134 Street No. 330, Boeun Salang commune, Tuol Kok district, may not sell, rent, change ownership title, or give as a gift the real estate property registered on the property title no. PP 11379 (Kh20244), dated 03 December 2008, and the 4 row-houses located in the Borei Keila block, Veal Vong commune, 07 Makara district. The real estate property includes: (1) 2 plots of lands abutting the road to the north, Sala Ta Triv to the south, Che Pum’s land to the east and Ta Chan’s land to the west, (2) 2 plots of land abutting Kha’s land to the north, Phu Kim Chi’s land to the south, road pass to the east, Che Pum’s land to the west. This is a temporary injunction until the court issued its decision.

On Thursday morning, when Yeay Phan came out from the court, DAP news reporter approached her and asked her: “How were Lok Chumteav’s results?”. Yeay Phan replied: “It’s just a small dispute, don’t write about it,” she then climbed into her car which sped off. Regarding this injunction, judge Chey Sophan could not be reached over the phone to provide his clarification. The court clerk involved in this lawsuit case replied over the phone that he “didn’t know about it.”


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