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Written By vibykhmer on Monday, August 31, 2009 | 5:57 AM

Written by DAP NEWS

Cambodia’s newly-constructed electric crematorium will soon open to replace the wood burning crematorium located in Resey Sanh pagoda, Preysor commune, Dongkor district, Phnom Penh, according to the Phnom Penh Governor on Thursday.

“This news electronic crematorium cost US$500,000 and will much reduce environmental affects by replacing burning by wood,” Kep Chuktema told reporters on Thursday.

“This cremation will serve all class of citizens and we do not charge poor people. We don’t force to those who do not want to use this crematorium, but it shows the attention of the Phnom Penh authorities.”

The governor dismissed criticisms that the site is too far from the city centre.

High ranking officials and the rich who wish to be buried at Wat Unaloum and Wat Langka could continue to use these city-center sites, he said. “They have a full right to choose; it is their decision,” he confirmed.

Both the crematoriums at Wat Unaloum and Wat Langka have been demolished, as will other crematoria around the capital.


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