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HRP to hold its congress on 19 July; Two major topics to be discussed

Written By vibykhmer on Sunday, July 12, 2009 | 3:18 AM


A high-ranking official of the Human Rights Party (HRP) indicated that the HRP will hold its congress next week. The congress will be attended by party members from all cities and provinces in the country, as well as by the party’s overseas members.

The same source added that during the congress, a number of major topics are on the discussion agenda, and among these issues, the union between the HRP and the Sam Rainsy Party (SRP) will also be discussed.

Keat Sokun, HRP spokesman, could not be reached over the phone for comments on this issue.

Kem Sokha, HRP President, said that: “In out party’s bylaw, there will be an advisory committee congress once every two years, and the national congress is held every 5 years. Those who attend are the national advisory members, i.e. 185 party district presidents from all over the country, the party presidents at the provincial levels, and the executive and rule committee members. It’s a total of about 300 people.”

Kem Sokha added that the 19 July advisory committee congress will also be attended by overseas party members from Europe, the US and Canada. He also indicated that there will be two major topics on the agenda:

1. Report on the application of the party goals for the past two years.
2. Plan for the upcoming 2 years, the topic will also include the drive for a union with non-communist parties.



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