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Alleged ingenious Cambodian fortuneteller took 3 Thai bar women for a ride

Written By vibykhmer on Wednesday, May 13, 2009 | 6:43 PM

Three Pattaya Bar Girls Victims Of Cambodian Fortune Teller Scam

May 14, 2009
Pattaya Daily News (Thailand)

On 12th May 2009 three Thai ladies claimed they had been poisoned and robbed by a female fortune teller whom they had invited back to their Pattaya apartment, in a similar fashion to a previous case reported by PDN on 9th February 2009.

As soon as Police Lieutenant Colonel Was received a report of the incident at 9.00 pm a police and rescue team rushed to room no. 11, on the third floor of Wanpen Apartment, located in Soi Gor Pai, Moo. 10, Nongprue, Banglamung.

There, the police found two ladies lying on the bed and one in the toilet. Miss Junsri Rakmitr [23] from Surin, the room owner, together with Miss Oil and Miss Porn [alias], all employees of a bar in Soi 7, Central Pattaya, were all unconscious. Two of them had been hit on the forehead with a hard object.

Police found paraphernalia connected with a religious ritual including a tray with incense, candles, flowers and a small amount of money, placed on the bed headboard. On the Buddha shelf, there was a golden baby image and three cups of a beverage which had been consumed. The room was in disarray as if someone had carried out a search.

Initially, the rescue team gave the three ladies first aid. When Miss Junsri, the room owner, woke up in a confused state, she told police that at 4.00 am, on the same day, she and her two friends were on their way home when they met a woman aged around 45 – 50, who claimed to be a Cambodian fortune teller. As the woman began to tell their fortune, they started to show interest and the woman said, if they wanted to have good luck, they would have to carry out a ritual with her in their room.

Their interest became stronger when the woman promised if they decided to go through the ritual, they would be able to find foreign husbands like many other ladies she had helped before.

Back at their room, as part of the ritual, they had to drink a cup of dark coffee each and not too long after that they felt very sleepy. They woke up again on the next day and found out that they had been robbed. The Cambodian fortune teller had made off with their property consisting of 3 mobile phones and 3 wallets containing tens of thousands of baht.

They asked for help from neighbours to report the incident to the police. They had never seen the robber before and had no idea what her name was.

The police took them to Banglamung hospital and viewed CCTV footage from the apartment which showed that the robber had spent more than one hour to carry out her crime. She took two big bags out of the victims’ room and rushed to a motor bike taxi and sped away.

Police believe that this female thief has carried out this kind of crime several times before due to the preparations and precautions she had made, such as the wearing of a face cover. However, they will continue their investigations once the three victims have recovered from their ordeal.

Whether the victims will eventually be fortunate to find the foreign husbands of their dreams remains to be seen.


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