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Pit bulls kill owner in mill attack

Written By vibykhmer on Saturday, April 4, 2009 | 5:42 PM

NAKHON SAWAN : Three pit bulls mauled a 37-year-old woman to death and injured three other people, including a 20-month-old toddler, at a rice mill in Nakhon Sawan yesterday.


KILLER: One of three pit bulls which mauled their owner to death.

Raksina Tejwattanabamrungkij was found dead near an office of the Rong See Fai Tha Khao Taweeporn Co in Tha Tako district. Her bloodied body was covered with dog bites.

A Thai dog, Jack, lay nearby with serious wounds apparently caused by fighting with the pit bulls as it tried to save the woman.

Charoensri Lorlertrat, 53, the victim's mother-in-law and the rice mill owner, said her family raised the three pit bulls, two males and one female, and another eight Thai dogs, to guard the rice mill.

Raksina left the house at midnight to inspect the compound and release the pit bulls from where they were confined, Mrs Charoensri said.

As Raksina was away for an unusually long time and her daughter, Taweephan, was crying for her, Mrs Charoensri decided to look for her at the office. She found the three pit bulls attacking her.

Mrs Charoensri, carrying Taweephan in her arms, tried in vain to stop the angry pit bulls.

The dogs then turned on her and Taweephan. So she quickly put the baby on a pick-up truck and cried out for help until her husband, Seksuk, came out and shot dead two of the pit bulls with his .38 pistol. The other dog ran away.

Mrs Charoensri suffered serious wounds to the head, left ear and arms, while the toddler was only slightly injured on the head.

Raksina's younger brother was also bitten on his left arm and ankles. They were rushed to Tha Tako hospital.

Police suspect the pit bulls were suffering from stress as they had been locked up for too long.


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