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thai products no market in cambodia

Written By vibykhmer on Wednesday, October 22, 2008 | 2:21 AM

Hello All friends who are readers in my blog and others. I would talk and have some idea about Cambodian and thai Conflict that connected of losing advantage between each other and about economic crisis right now.

Here we look at Thai goods. You know, as i am living and studying in Thailand at 12 grade here, i read news and catch the news all day and Thai always discuss about economic crisis every day and daily life of the Thai people especially the sellers and business men and women who export goods and products to Cambodia. as you know most of Thai products and goods always export to near countries like,Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar. now we understand that if the government couldn't solve the problem. who lose the advantage! we, Cambodian can say that We are rich ! we have money, we can buy the goods or product from any country, but not Thailand and Vietnam.
if no Thai products or goods we will not die we can import from any country besides Thailand. we don't support Thai products and goods any more.

now Thai news says that we, Cambodian loses so much advantages from this conflict about tourism to Angkor wat, but i think not only Cambodia who loses, Thai that have products and goods cannot export to Cambodia any more.

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